19 month update – She understands almost everything!

Naina is growing so fast. Thanks to all your DMs (compliments on her growth). Though I’m late on starting these monthly updates on her growth but better late than never. I want to keep a track on what all my little one can do and what can one expect at this stage.

Her observation power is jaw dropping…I mean nowadays I feel we adults don’t notice anything…but she is curious to know and learn about everything including the moon, security barricades, vegetables, mannequins, and there’s a lot more.

The other day, a relative gave her money and she went running to her dad…didn’t give it to him rather tried to put the note in his pocket! Yes, we never knew she notices where we keep money.

I know the next question…what all can she speak? It depends on her mood. I’m sure you guys must have seen this video where she tried completing her sentence!

Trust me guys this was the only day she spoke all of that! Since then…back to these:

Haw (when something happens suddenly no matter right or wrong)
bye (always followed with a flying kiss)
bhau-bhau (whenever she sees any animal)
nai(to refuse)
ioo (to point out something)
chao (chalo for her)
she knows her name now…when asked “what is your name” she says “Naina”

Also, some random jumbled words that we don’t understand. But, she tries hard! She tries to express through her actions, imitates whatever we say and I’m guessing this is the time we have to start minding all our words when she is around.

She loves helping us in whatever way she can and moving stuff from one room to another is her new favorite. She enjoys helping me keep all veggies in the fridge and identifies tomatoes and mangoes by name.

Her grandma taught her about body parts so we love asking her where’s her stomach, hands, tongue, lips, nose, hair, hand, etc. She at times get confused but knows most of them! *Benefits of staying with in-laws*

Trying to teach her say thank you, hello, and sorry this month!

Please share your kid’s growth updates and also, if you have any suggestions…any parenting tip?


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