5 least talked about things to expect during labour/childbirth

Everyone tells a pregnant women – what to do and what not to do; but, we thought of telling you what to expect during labour/childbirth. They are the least talked about topics that we wanted you to be aware of!

Though, it is always said that every pregnancy and childbirth experience is different, we talked to a few new moms to understand what didn’t they expect but came as a surprise to them during labour. And to our surprise, the answer were more or less same. Most of them didn’t expect the following things to happen or either just read brief about them but never knew the extent.

  • Water break
    You must have heard to this term from every mom you know but it isn’t as easy-going as it sounds. Here are few questions we would like to cover…

    • What is water break?
      Gush of amniotic fluid that surrounds your baby in the amniotic sac during pregnancy is termed as water break.
    • When can it happen?
      Water break can happen at start or during labor pain. In some cases, your doctor may have to rupture the amniotic sac though it isn’t a very typical case.
    • How do you know if it’s water break?
      When you feel an urge to pee or in some cases, mothers don’t even feel that and and 3-4 cups of amniotic fluid
    • How much fluid to expect?
      Expect 2-3 cups of fluid in case of a full-term baby.
    • How to react?
      Stay calm and call your doctor immediately… it’s time! <3
  • What all comes out during labour
    When you are in labour and get admitted to the hospital, in most of the cases your doctor gives you enema. Yes, this may lead to situations where you might have to poop in the bed just before the birth and the hospital staff will take it very casually though you may find yourself at the peak of mount embarrassment. Stay prepared and focus on what your doctor suggests. This is common and happens with everyone.
  • Encouragement is all you need
    No matter how loving your husband, mom, or dad may be… decide and ask the emotional strongest one to stay with you during the phase. Child birth can be tiring – both, physically and emotionally. Not everyone can stay strong enough to see you in pain, may be shouting and screaming in pain. So, better think of it in advance and ask the person to assist you during birth.
  • Pushing the placenta out – After birth
    When you finally deliver the baby and have the little one in your arms, your doctor may ask you it push ones again for the placenta. Placenta is where your baby lived for all those 9 months and now with the baby you’ve got to push it out. Though it isn’t at all painful – you’ve just been through the most painful moments. Placenta is nothing 😀
  • Episiotomy – Surgical cut made in normal viginal child birth
    Most of our first time moms agree that they never expected they’ll have any cuts or may get stitched after a normal delivery. Though, not every case is same and not all women get episiotomy. But, this shouldn’t be a surprize for you. Your doctor may have to consider an episiotomy. You can talk to your doctor about it in advance get more medical details around it.

These were general points that our new moms, who’ve been through normal vaginal delivery, wanted to share with you.

If you have any experience to share with the world, please comment below.

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  1. One of the major advice given to me was…when you in labour it is expected you will shout and scream but you should control it and close your mouth to avoid any noise. Because if you scream and shout your BP will increase and baby might move up instead of moving down. So ladies bear the pain as much as you can for a save and normal vaginal delivery.

    1. Thanks for sharing your advice, Mahima! Hope this will help some new mom reading our content. 🙂

  2. Very Truly written and explained so well ….
    New would be Moms will surely get motivated encouraged and can get enough information for the first experience .
    Well done —

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