5 Ways for New Mums to get Ample Sleep

It’s not easy to give birth to a new life and then being a mother, take care of every single activity of the baby…from feeding to changing nappies every now and then.

Being a sleep lover, I can very well relate and understand the need of good sleep. Taking care of your baby, yourself, and then some bits of household work… Mums have so much on their plate! I wouldn’t drag this part much as I want to come to the point.

Here are those 5 proven ways to get ample sleep alongside taking good care of your baby.

  • Feed your baby enough
    Babies sleep for longer duration when their tummy is full. Yes, initial days are difficult as you’ll have to feed them every 2-3 hours but try to feed your baby enough to sleep tight for atleast those 2-3 hours. You can utilize this time to wind up your pending tasks, give time to yourself (take a hot shower!), or you can even just sit back and relax!
  • Sleep with your baby
    Babies tend to sleep every time they take feed in the initial days and even afterwards they take power naps every 3-4 hours. Take this time as an advantage…and do what you need the most – A POWER NAP! Sleep with you baby. As you’ll stay near your baby, you can share your love warmth with your little one and what’s better than just holding those little hands while sleeping.
  • Ask for your partner’s help
    Fathers love their babies more than anyone (apart from mums ofcourse!) You can anytime ask your better half to take care of your baby. Try to use a good breast pump to store some milk for the duration so that they don’t come back saying that the baby needs feed. If you don’t have your partners at the moment, you can even ask you parents or in-laws for some help. Who better than grandparents can understand your baby’s needs.
  • Take regular massage sessions
    Highly recommended! Be it head massage or body massage, they’ll make you feel so much relaxed. Try and take a massage just before heading to bed and you’ll wake up feeling fresh and energetic.
  • Prioritize – It’s OK to say NO
    You are no longer the girl you used to be. Everyone can understand this…you’ll just have to make them realize this and learn to say NO to things you can’t take up or are not so urgent/important at the moment.

Hope you guys found this content useful. I love to get your suggestions, comments and compliments. Keep me posted on how are you liking Nainay.

Stay Healthy!

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