Ajwain Potli for Cold

Ajwain has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that can help treat your little ones cold and congestion. Tried and tested…this was a success!

I heard about this remedy long time back but did not want to pass on anything just for the sake of a new blog post. Unfortunately, Naina was down with fever and congestion few days back and I tried the much heard about “Ajwain potli”. Trust me, I had the biggest doubt on this home remedy but it worked wonders!

It just took 5 mins for me to grab those 2 spoons of ajwain and 2 garlic cloves, roasted them on my regular tawa till the seeds smelled of their menthol-like aroma. I tied them in a muslin cloth in a potli style and kept this potli next to Naina’s pillow. The aroma was soothing and within few minutes, she could breathe properly. I kept the potli there for the next night as well (though she was doing well).

Garlic cloves are optional in this remedy but it was available in my kitchen so I wanted to include it.

You can also use this potli as a hot compress on your baby’s chest. Use your iron to warm up the potli regularly and check it on your skin everytime…it shouldn’t be too hot.

This potli also helps keep up immunity during those hard days. Though, I couldn’t verify her immunity level in a night. Lol

This changing weather is a challenge for parents and kids. So, there’s no harm in using this potli if such natural aroma can do wonders.

Please comment below if you have used this potli or if you have any other home remedy for cold to share!

Happy parenting!

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