Dealing with relationship issues after becoming parents

If you are struggling hard in your relationship with your partner after becoming a parent then we have few facts that may help you in getting that spark back in your relationship.

First thing that parenting has an effect on is your relationship with your partners. Postpartum blues and added responsibilities take a toll on your love life and in some cases, this leads to separation too.

It is crucial to understand how can we maintain our interest in each other as much as we are in our baby. Baby is definitely a happy part of the family but baby cannot be the only reason for a family’s well being and happiness. Moreover baby can least help you in keeping your relationship on track.

Don’t remind but remember

Most typical way to run away from any argument is to blame the other person of not being the same as they used to be. It is the easiest way out but before pointing out or reminding your partner of any behavioural switch, wait a second and remember the way you used to be. Your tone, your words, your gestures, everything you used to care about and then ask yourself…who is to be reminded about it first? It’s you, my dear.

Date nights can make a difference

Spare out some “Us” time along with your “Me” time because you both need it. Don’t be hesitant to talk about it and don’t be bothered about it’s arrangements. You can keep it simple or make it super fancy; whatever makes both of you happy and make you feel connected. Make sure you don’t talk about home chores or the baby on such dates. Just be husband and wife, for a change, not mama and dada!

Respect each other

It’s never OK to take your life partner for granted…especially now, when your relationship is being tested by circumstances. New parents get so much involved in their kids that they forget to value any other thing in the world. By world, we mean the family and your better half and not literally the “world”. Along with love, respect the person who is your kid’s parent and your life partner. No relationship can replace this one.

Minimize talking about the baby

We know your life at the moment is all about the baby. His food, his clothes, his diaper, his nap time, his playtime….but wait! Is that all you are interested in discussing? Take a break and take about your relationship, your work, your feeling *for a change – not the baby*.

Babies come to our life to make it even more happier. Contribute your bit in staying together as loving parents and give your child a peaceful happy environment. Let your baby know that you love him/her and more than that you love his/her mumma/dada!



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