Diaper Kit – All you need to know

This time, I wanna share something related to the most important part of parenting – Diapers!!!

I know that sounds kind of weird but we’ll have to accept the fact that we are no longer live in an age where home-made nappies could work. We need diapers for our baby!

So what is a diaper kit all about? Here is the list of must-haves you should buy if you are planning to use diapers from day one (yes, you can use diapers from day one!)

  1. Diaper Pack- I carried Pampers Active Baby Size-New Born to the hospital when my princess was born and NO REGRETS! They din’t do any harm. I recommend you to buy a bigger pack as you’ll be needing a lot of them in the initial days. I personally like taped diapers over pants as I somehow feel pants are not so much meant for newborns.
  2. Diaper Rash Cream- Trust me, it is IMPORTANT! Babies just take milk for atleast the first 6 months and they pee a lot…increasing the chances of rashes that lead to discomfort and irritation on their skin. I used Sebamed Diaper Rash Cream, which I would highly recommend! It’s worth it.
  3. Baby wipes- Wanna know why not water? See, there’s no harm in using water but in the initial days, you’ll have to change the diaper every two-three hours (may be more frequently) and in those cases, I personally found wipes to be more appropriate and comfortable for both, mum and baby. Wipes are even needed when travelling with kids, its like you’ll be carrying it everywhere once you have a kid! I found Johnson’s Baby Skincare Wipes the best option to choose.
  4. Changing mat- OK so this is something I din’t buy…I got it with the diaper bag. But yes, this is also something very useful in the initial days and also, while you are travelling.
  5. Cotton cloth/towel- No matter whether you use water or baby wipes, you will need a cotton cloth or a small hand towel to dab the area after cleaning it.
  6. Garbage bags and newspaper- Though there are a lot of new ways to dispose it off but prefer not to spend money on things that are not worth. So, yes I use waste newspapers and garbage bags.
  7. Diaper bag- Last but not the least…a diaper bag to carry all the above listed stuff!

Hope the list helps 🙂

Thanks for reading my posts…I’m really new to blogs so plz plz let me know if you want me write on anything specific or anything I can do to improve…Would love to know that!

Keep Smiling!!!

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