Easy Karwa Chauth Routine

It’s Karwa Chauth time! Hunger strike for a gift (aka karwa chauth gift)! lol Just kidding ladies!

I know karwa chauth has a deeper meaning to it…It’s for our husband’s healthier and longer life.

For those of you who are karwa chauthing for the first time, don’t doubt yourself whether you’ll be able to do it or not! You rock girl and there’s nothing in the world we girls can’t do. That’s the reason even today not all men fast for their wives…they know they can’t do it! We are STRONGER you know.

Karwa chauth is way easier than any other fast

I don’t mind not eating anything for 6-7 hours in a day! Yeah, not the entire day but 6-7 hours… I’ll tell you how…

  1. You wake up in the morning (before sunrise) to have sargi (or anything you feel will give you energy for the day) and then like most of us, you go back to bed.
  2. You wake up then and start getting dressed up, which on karwa chauth takes 2-3 hours atleast… does anyone feel hungry while doing makeup and wearing your favorite beautiful new dress?? I don’t think so!
  3. So you are now all dressed up…what next?? Ofcourse… click pictures! You are looking so pretty! Take some selfies…ask your friends or may be your husband to click your pictures…post them on Facebook with some good hashtags!
  4. It’s already afternoon, prepare your thali for the daytime pooja. Again, click! click! click! Keep smiling girl it’s your day!
  5. You are done with the pooja and can now have a glass of water and coffee/tea/milk (whatever best can give you energy to live until moonrise!
  6. Next, check out moonrise timing (you can google it) and ask your husband to book a table in your favorite restaurant, based on moonrise timing. Trust me, if you think you can get a table without prior booking…YOU ARE WRONG!
  7. Get your favorite sweet, which you would like to open your fast with… and wait for the moon now!
  8. Ask you friends to ping you when they first see the moon… so that you don’t just keep waiting for something already out!
  9. Do your evening moonrise pooja as per your traditions and you are all set for the bash!

Enjoy your dinner date!

Happy Karwa Chauth!



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