Swelling/Edema in Pregnancy

Starting mid-third trimester, more than 50% ladies face a common problem known as Edema. Edema is a medical condition in which fluid builds up in body tissues causing swelling or puffiness.

Why does it happen?

Because you are carrying another human inside and your body is now producing approximately 50% more blood and tissues, swelling may occur. Experts say that after 20th week of pregnancy, puffiness may be experienced near neck, face, ankles, and hand. Edema progresses as the baby grows.

Additionally, as baby grows, pressure on the pelvic vein increases and the vena cava. With increasing pressure on the vena cava vein, it restricts the blood flow to the heart causing blood retention and further resulting in swelling below knees and ankles.

Is it normal?

Every pregnant women dealing with such swelling gets tensed and sometimes annoyed about it. This is absolutely normal condition unless accompanied with problems like severe headache, pain while walking, unusual puffiness in eyes, breathing problem, severe abdomen pain or any other severe medical issue. Any such red flag should be immediately treated. Call or visit your doctor to get best medical advice.

What can you do?

Unless there’s an alarming condition (as mentioned above), you should not worry about Edema and follow these simple and easy steps to relieve yourself:

“Don’t Stand or Sit at the same place for long”

Standing gives more pressure on the lower body part and inducing more swelling. Just like long standing, long sitting needs a break too. Take short but frequent breaks.   

“Rest with your feet elevated”

Working ladies with sitting job are more vulnerable to edema. To avoid this, prop up your feet on something and relax your muscles. Also, stay active and don’t miss a chase to stand up and walk to the washroom, cafeteria, or your friend’s workstation.

“Comfort is trending”

It’s time for shopping lady 😉 and this is not just to pamper yourself but to relax your muscles and growing body. Go and buy some comfortable clothing so that your abdomen muscles gets ample amount of space to expand and you feel absolutely comfortable. Tight uncomfortable dresses may shun blood flow and further may lead to severe edema.

“Drink 8-10 glass of water”

Pregnant or not, drinking water regularly detoxifies your body. Staying hydrated can prevent you from blood circulation problems, strains and cramps during pregnancy.

“Track your salt and sugar intake”

Excessive sugar or salt intake is as bad as low volume of it’s consumption. Talk to your doctor about it as they can suggest you a diet based on your blood pressure and diabetes level. Consume needed amount of sugar and salt in your daily diet to stay healthy and energetic.


We are not experts but we are experienced mothers who keep talking to other mothers about their learnings.

Hope you found this article helpful! Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences around this topic. We would love to read them.

Happy parenting to you!

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