Getting ready for first day to school – Proven tips and tricks

First Day School, Happy Child,

Stepping into another phase of parenting…where we have to prepare ourselves before preparing our little one for her first day of school. When people say I shouldn’t get emotional about this… my reactions are different. When I look at her and see her innocence, I feel she’s too young for school but that’s practically not true I know.

Being a parent, we all understand it’s time for their pre-school but at the same time are concerned of a lot of things… what if the kid does not like the environment and finds no friends, what if he/she falls while walking or running..? Like every new and overly protective parent, I feel it and it scares me too. Before preparing the kid, we’ve got to prepare ourselves for this change. Understand that this is going to be their first step towards education…towards values…and most importantly – their bright future.

Every kid is different and reacts to situations in a different way, so go ahead and choose from some of these basic but really helpful tips on preparing your kid for the big day – first day of school.

  • Set a sleep routine to ensure you and your kid get ample sleep before every school day. No sleepy kid can stay happy and active in the school. This change will take time so start working on your schedule well in advance!
  • Try to visit his/her new school frequently. If that’s not possible, try passing by the school area on weekend and point towards the school to make them feel the excitement about it. You will have to make their school their dream world for some time 😉
  • Every kids gets excited about something…it could be their favourite cartoon character, their dress, their bag and toys. Aim it! Go shopping with your kid to get him/her their fav cartoon themes stationary, their favourite color school bag- you can even get it personalized with their name these days. Basic idea is to make initial school days as much exciting as possible.
  • Every kid loves to do stuff on his own. Ask them to wash their hands on their own. Eat food on their own – you can obviously help and so can teachers in the school. But try to train your kid on basic daily routine work.  
  • Try different shapes while preparing their lunch box – heart shaped sandwiches can look better than regular ones. Most importantly, ask them to help you while preparing it. Kids are very fussy eating their lunch but when they know they were involved in preparing it, it will make food fun pack for them.
  • Be it bath time songs or bedtime stories, involve school time fun stories in everything possible.
  • Try to ask school authorities if there are more kids in your neighbourhood who’ve enrolled in the same school. Interact more with such families and you can then plan play dates before the big day.   

Hope these simple tips will help you in boosting your little one’s confidence and make them ready for early school days. Please go ahead and share your experiences on Nainay by commenting below.

Happy parenting to you!

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