How to help kids in overcoming fear of dark/nighttime?

Fear of dark/monsters/getting hurt when left alone is not new in children. We all have been in that age and felt everything similar. This fear of monsters sitting in the dark, in the washroom, or under the bed, has been there since generations. Children across the globe need their parents to deal with such fear.

They need their parents to come back from their imaginary world to the real world. Only parents can do this as they don’t trust anyone more than you, mama and dada!

So, we thought of calling out some simple but proven ways to help them cope up from the fear.

Empathize and don’t minimize their feelings

When your kid tells you about their imaginary monster story and his/her fear, do not believe them to confirm that any monster really exists but at the same time, do not simply toss out. You’ve got to give the little one some assurance that you understand his/her situation and firmly make them understand the real world. It’s ok to share your similar childhood stories and how your parents helped to overcome such fear. This will definitely make your bond even stronger.

Monitor your kid’s media usage

Online or offline, as a parent, you’ve got to monitor everything the little one listens to or watches. Games, videos, story books, try finding the root to these fantasies and turn their story line to a happy ending.

Bedtime stories matter

Do not tell them stories that have vampire, any super powers, or any monsters, try narrating a happy bedtime story that may include their favourite animals or cartoon characters. Try to keep them away from every negativity just before going to bed.

Lovies can help

Try to develop a habit of either sleeping alone or sleeping with his/her lovies. Get dramatic by making them believe that these lovies can fight with them whenever needed. This will boost up you kid’s confidence and you’ll soon see him/her telling the lovies not to get scared of anything.

Practice staying in dark

Try playing in dark places for some duration. You can use a torch to read a story book or hide and seek while hiding in a separate dark room. Make sure to stay in your kid’s reach and never surprise him/her when in dark.

Look up for those monsters together

Whenever the kid gets scared or tells you that there’s a monster, look up for that monster together. Try finding it under the bed, in the other dark room, or wherever your kid is scared of going alone. This one definitely works.

Do not make fun of it

Kids tell such stories to parents because they have utmost confidence in this relationship. If you make fun of their weakness or fear, you’ll unintentionally ruin that relationship and trust.

Never accuse or doubt your kid of telling such fear stories for attention or fun. They tell this to you because they trust you the most. They believe in you and your protective acts.

Fear can lead to anxiety or phobia if it’s left unattended in the beginning. Talk to your kid about such fear and solve it in your own parenting style.

Hope these ways help you in some way. Let us know if it did by commenting below!





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