Use Hing/Asafetida Paste for Gastric Problem

Gas/Colic is one the most common reasons why babies get cranky. If your infant is crying out loud and the expressions give a clear understanding that there’s something wrong. You’ve checked the nappy/diaper… their tummy is full… then what else? It’s gastric pain!

How to check if the baby is suffering from gas?

Check your baby’s stomach. If it’s tight, there’s gas and the baby is crying because of that. OK they even get stiff when they cry, so wait for them to take their little second of break (cry breaks) and check during that break.

Why Hing/Asafetida?

Hing is an extract of a herbaceous plant – Ferula. It works as a digestive agent (believed from the earliest times in India).

Why I use it every time?
When your baby cries hard…like the little one crying with all those tears, you don’t want to and literally CANNOT leave your baby alone even for a second. And in that situation, hing is the most easily accessible remedy available right in your kitchen.

Need another reason?
It’s used externally and therefore, you are not giving anything which you don’t really trust (ingredient wise).

Still not convinced?
It works like a magic wand and the pain goes away within minutes. It does not take long!

How to prepare the paste?

Take a tinch of hing powder in a spoon/small bowl and add few drops of lukewarm water to it. Mix it well with your clean figure. Some people even you breastmilk/olive oil instead of water.

How and where to apply?

Clockwise massage the paste around your baby’s navel. Don’t let it enter the hollowed area. Apply some on the underside of the foot as well.

Till the time babies don’t develop motor skills and don’t get naughty enough to make some sort of movements that may lead to proper digestion, babies just lie on the bed and yes, that’s another reason why they suffer from gas. And no one would want to introduce those allopathic medicines in the very first few months of your baby.

So, use this technique to help your baby get instant relief and let me know if you have any similar home remedy for gastric problems in infants.


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