What is Hypnobirthing and how can it help?

Hypnobirthing does not guarantee a pain free birth but it does guarantee a more comfortable and more controllable birthing experience. It is a proven method to guide and prepare expecting moms to stay calm and strong for the beautiful birthing experience. To get this right, it is different from the regular pregnancy sessions that your gynac offers.

Marie Mongan has rightly quoted “When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change.”

Hypnobirthing experts take sessions to make expecting mothers feel empowered, both physically and psychologically. These sessions include breathing, relaxation, visualization, and meditation sessions for pregnant ladies. What can make an anxious would-be-mom feel better – negative stories from other moms or encouraging tips and tricks from experts? You know the answer!

Let’s now understand why is it needed?

Imagine if you were planning to go for a road trip and all you hear from people about the route you were to follow is that it is full of potholes and it’s going to be a very uncomfortable experience. Also, the driver that you’ve chosen is not experienced and gets extremely anxious when driving on such routes. How would you feel about the trip? Tensed or excited? That’s how your baby feels when (through you) he/she listens to horrifying birth stories and you get anxious about the birthing experience.

Your baby is on his way to come home to you, now it’s all up to you whether you would want his/her journey to be peaceful or fearful. The destination may be wonderful but it’s the journey that matters. You and your baby are on this life journey, where you are your baby’s driver and it’s your responsibility to bring him/her to this wonderful world. Your first day of pregnancy has already started your journey with the little one… stay happy and let him/her enjoy this ride with you.

You can easily search for a hypnobirthing expert near you to book your appointment. Stay strong and stay healthy. Not only physically but also, mentally. Your parenting ride has just begun.

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