When I kissed her | Chambor Extreme Wear Transferproof Liquid Lipstick

Have you ever *unintentionally* smudged your lipstick on your baby’s cute little face or her pretty white dress? And because of this, do you stay cautious while choosing your lip color for any party or outing? I get your pain girl…this has happened with me like a zillion times…almost in every party I go to.

Being a first time mom, you kiss your kid hundred times a day…and every time you do that…you also do this!

Before becoming a mom, I’ve done this to my niece too…and trust me it was very embarrassing to leave a cute face all red. I finally found a product that’s smudge-proof IN REAL. It’s the Chambor extreme wear transferproof liquid lipstick.

I see a lot of brands claiming to launch smudge proof products but they all end up to be the same but this one is like meant for a mom like me. I love wearing red and other dark shades and with this product, I feel relieved as I know I can now kiss her as much as I want to without leaving any lipstick stains anywhere neither on her face nor her dress. Feel free to get those beautiful pics clicked!


And, for those of you who wanna know more about the product…

  • It costs around 845 INR (completely worth).
  • Covers lip pigmentation in just a single stroke. Let it dry for a few seconds and you are good to go.
  • Gives you a creamy matte finish. *I apply some lip balm before applying this product*

My personal favorites – 433 and 484.

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PS This is not a sponsored post!

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