Making an apology is important | Teaching our kid to say “Sorry”

As an adult, we are expected to leave no room for mistakes but that’s practically impossible. We are humans and can make mistakes – big or small. That’s not important, what’s important is that being adults, how do we react to our mistakes. And even more important part of every such oops situation is the way we handle it; because that’s what our kids learn from us. We may or may not notice but the little ones observe our actions and reactions very attentively.

Making apology is an important teachable moment.

“Apology can make the other person feel better about you. There’s nothing wrong in saying – I’m sorry and there shouldn’t be any shame in using the word SORRY. This will not make you feel inferior but will rather lower your guilt and stress level.” Before teaching and preaching this to our kids, shouldn’t we first start with ourselves?

Being parents, it’s our job to be their role model. But a role model who’s never wrong? Or rather, a role model who never admits to be wrong? You got it right this time!

There are situations when we ask our kid to leave from the place and then apologize for either our or our kids behaviour but in either of the cases, we should apologize in front of our kid. Remember, there’s no shame in saying sorry and we’ve got to set that example for our little one.

The same goes true when we’ve got to apologize to our own kid. No matter whether he/she is 3 or 13, acknowledging our mistake and tell them that we do understand how they might be feeling at the moment and then tell them that we are sorry for what happened. Don’t forget to give them the assurance that you’ll not make the mistake again.

We’ve got to understand the generation gap and take parenting a bit more seriously. If you stand at the same place where I do and want your kid to learn values and not just texty stuff, become an idol before expecting an idol!

Leave your comments below if you’ve faced any issues teaching your kid to say sorry! 😀

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  1. Meena yadav says: Reply

    Yes.. We should teach our child.
    Very well written.
    Thanx nainay😊

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