Monsoon care – How to take care of babies/toddlers in Monsoon

Most of us love this season and why not…when else do we get to see such fresh clean air and those washed trees. Not to forget that earthy scent! hmm love it! 

But wait, we are parents and have to stay cautious while enjoying all those fun rain moments. Here are few precautionary measures that you can take to if not completely stop then at least keep away from those infectious diseases.

Food and Water

Mentioning water first because that’s like the root cause to diarrhea and food poisoning, which becomes common in this season. Don’t just rely on your water purifier and boil water to be extra sure of it’s purity. You can boil it once in the morning and store in a container for rest of your day.

Second is food… need not to say eat less of junk and outside food in this season as no restaurant is going maintain that much of hygiene (they can’t get those flies out every time) for you. Even homemade food should be cooked and stored very carefully.

  • Make sure you give your child freshly cooked food at least whenever you can! 
  • When moving to bowls, make sure they are always kept covered even when in your fridge.
  • Keep all your food items in airtight containers that keep your food fresh and protects from getting moist.
  • Try to give more of vitamin C rich food to your little one. Staying hydrated is very important for a healthy being. If your baby is younger than 6 months then breastfeed/formula feed your baby more than regular. We usually end-up staying dehydrated whenever the temperature falls.


As I always say, don’t overdress your little one…layer up rather. Get them more of cotton dresses as the humidity can leave them irritated and cracky! Prefer loose and comfortable dresses at least when they are at home.

Needless to say, don’t buy or put on cloth shoes this season…rather get rubber shoes preferably crocs to keep your baby’s little feet airy and slip-proof.

Vaccine Check

Double check for all the due vaccines. You can even ask your paediatrician for any needed season change vaccine for babies during this time of the year. They may recommend influenza vaccine, if required.

Protection against Mosquitoes

Invest in a good mosquito repellent spray/cream to protect your baby from all those “horrifying” diseases. Prefer a deet-free one. Again, if your baby is below 6 months of age then try using a net and avoid these repellents as they may be harmful for such young ones.

Medication Check

Again, a double check on the expiry dates of all the medicines that you have for your little one. If you don’t wanna get into that last minute distress.

Maintain Hygiene

Hygiene not only includes environment and food but also the babies body and clothes. As there’s minimal sunlight and a drop in temperature makes kids cranky while taking bath. Don’t drop the idea….use warm water but daily bath is a must! Apart from this, cut your baby’s nails regularly.

Next is their bathrobe, towel, and clothes…with no sunlight, it is hard to get all of it dried but please don’t fold any of those lightly-moist clothes. This might bring bacterial infection to your baby. I still have our guest room full of clothes lying on the bed… having fun. It’s their room now!

This is my checklist this monsoon….let me know if I’ve missed on anything important…would love to know!

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