How much is too much for Karwa Chauth?

I never thought of writing a post on this topic ever but lately I experienced something that called me to share it with you guys!

This weekend, I went to shop a birthday gift for one of our relatives and the shops were flooded. I saw ladies going crazy over sarees, lehengas, suits, and even jewelry. And then, I saw a lady asking her husband to buy her a karwa chauth gift!!! I mean it’s ok that you’ll be fasting for your husband’s healthier life…you won’t be taking even water for the entire day but please don’t suppress the festive and traditional beliefs by materializing everything!

You are fasting because you want to… I understand the excitement to get the best dress and best matching jewelry but competing with other women in the world and spending more than your budget…just because you’ll be fasting for him and you think he should buy you something in return is just NOT fair!

Being smart wives, I know most of us do understand the value of money. But, we’ll have to accept the fact that there are ladies who expect their husband/fiance/boyfriend to buy them expensive karwa chauth gifts and when those poor guys don’t meet such expectations, the whole festive mood goes off their mind.

Is this what karwa chauth is meant for? Do we really need anything in return?

Is spending Rs. 2000 or may be more on just MEHENDI is a fair cost? You’ll anyways hate its color after 2 days!

Your husband LOVES you the way you are and that’s the reason you guys are married! Buy a new dress, buy bangles, jewelry, and every other thing that gives you happiness. But, please consider your husband/boyfriend’s feelings and budget limits too. Don’t take advantage of the privilege you’ve been blessed with.

Just show your love and respect for your better half this festive season and see the difference!

I know some women would not like me writing such stuff…but if even one lady could understand the deeper part and spend fairly, my purpose of writing this blog post is solved.

I’ll be more than happy to know that lady’s name(please comment). If you have a similar story, leave a comment below.

Please share if you agree!

Stay happy and spread love!

5 Replies to “How much is too much for Karwa Chauth?”

  1. Agreed

  2. Agreed

  3. Yes, dear Kanika, I really do agree with your thoughts… gifting is something that can happen anytime in an year may be on a birthday, our first date, anniversary or a surprise…but…occassion, such as ” Karwa Chauth ” is meant for longevity of our husband and is something that we do whole heartedly and to make him feel that “He is world to me”. Yes, I do go shopping for it but keeping my budget in mind…Also, at times a small home made dinner does wonder for both of us.. So, gift is never a high priority for me.

  4. I really do agree with your thoughts.. Thank you so much for sharing this post and yes i also go for shopping on these days but i always keeping my budget in my mind.. But i didn’t want return gift from my husband in karwa chauth.

    1. Hi Shivani,
      Thanks for stopping by! Hope you find our blogs useful!

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