Is it normal for a new mom to NOT feel happy/comfortable about breastfeeding?

Do people in our family and society expect us to feel happy and comfortable breastfeeding the newborn 24*7?
YES, they certainly do! As a new mom, you will listen this a hundred times “I think the baby is hungry and that’s the reason he is crying. Go feed him once and he’ll stop crying!”

No matter if the baby is crying of some poop in his diaper;
No matter if he is crying while peeing;
No matter if he is crying of some gastric pain.

The only solution I heard from almost everyone around me was “breastfeed and the baby will stop crying” 😀

You may be a very good software developer, you may be a very good manager or team lead or consultant, or whatever you were doing to earn a living before becoming a mother and going on maternity leave. But, once you become a mother nothing matters! You are expected to stay loving and calm all the time. Though your hormones don’t support you with that – resulting in mom blues.

So, here’s something new dads and newborn’s family need to understand.

  1. Firstly, there are several reason because of which babies cry.
  2. Secondly, it is OK for a baby to cry for sometime in a day and there’s nothing to create a panic situation.
  3. And most importantly, this newborn’s mom is dealing with such situation for the first time and she cannot back-to-back breastfeed the baby just for the sake of doing it. Some short and regular intervals are needed between the bf sessions for minimal milk supply.

Coming to the question “Is it normal for a new mom to NOT feel happy/comfortable about breastfeeding?”

No wonder breastfeeding makes you feel even more connected to your newborn and it’s the best nature’s blessing we women could have asked for. But, on the other side, breastfeeding is a new mom’s full time job and like any other full-time job, there are times when you love it and there are times when you might feel “arrggg where am i stuck!!!” and it’s ok to feel so. No one expects you to be a superwoman right after bearing all the pain that went in bringing a cute little life to this world.

Parenthood is a roller coaster ride that has just begun for you. Not feeling good/comfortable about anything – breastfeeding, changing nappies, or cleaning baby’s poop is absolutely okay. You are just taking your own time. Nothing can make you a BAD mom. No mom can think of anything unpleasant for her child. Whichever way you choose to deal with situations, it’s your own way of bringing up the little one you brought to this world.

The only thing we would suggest a new mom is to stay calm and don’t wean off just because you don’t want to breastfeed the baby anymore. You are responsible for his/her growth and health. Drink a lot of milk so that you have enough of supply and wean only when you feel the baby is as ready for it as you are.

The baby cries only when he/she is hungry and needs to be breastfed is a myth for sure. So, whosoever asks you to breastfeed back-to-back just because the baby is crying, ask them to check and change the nappy first ;P

If you’ve ever faced a similar situation or have suggestions for new moms, please let us know in the comments section below.

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