Oral Care Routine | How and When did I Start!

I’m quite sure I wasn’t the only one who wanted to know more about oral care routine needed for babies.  Naina’s first tooth was visible to us when she was almost 8 months and since then I’ve been asking all my mom friends about their kid’s tooth brushing routine.

And trust me, all online articles asking you to start brushing your baby’s teeth from day one (after that very first tooth sprouts) have no clue of the real world baby care problems. Her gums were so soft…even  the softest toothbrush available wasn’t soft enough for her. And being a new mom, I WAS SCARED! I’m sure every mother reading this blog can relate to what I’m saying.

It was hard to brush a single tooth in that tiny little mouth, which she don’t even know how to open (when asked to). I still remember my MIL used to clean Naina’s gums, her tiny little teeth and tongue with a clean washcloth everyday for her first one year.  I then tried switching to the “soft” toothbrush a day after her first birthday but she didn’t accept this change and we had to continue with the washcloth.

So, when did I start? I started when she had 5 teeth in her 14th or probably 15th month. Though, it is said to use a non-fluoridated toothpaste until your baby turns 2 but I still don’t use a toothpaste for her. I know a lot of you may not agree with this decision but my motherly instinct does not allow me to use any brand promoted product…so, I’ll start using one when she turns 2. Right now, I just use some lukewarm RO water to keep it clean. Also, I use a tongue cleaner in place of the regular washcloth used before.

Here are some tips that helped me introduce oral hygiene to my little one:

  • Kids imitate. So, brush your teeth in front of them and they’ll definitely follow your footprints.
  • Make this a morning fun activity. I dance and sing with her in the bathroom. So, she now feels like we are going to the bathroom for some morning party! Trust me, even if I want to…I cannot brush my teeth alone. And this also help me start my day with so much of energy and laughter!
  • Kids may want to brush their teeth all on their own. Let them do it once and then do a follow up to clean those cavity-prone areas.

Like every baby is different, parenting styles have to be different! Please let me know about your experience of introducing oral hygiene to your baby.

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  1. Nivedita Bhat says: Reply

    Hi Kanika.

    Thanks for sharing this article. First of all I wanted to say that you have a very cute and such an adorable daughter (just like her mother). Secondly, I have just started following you on Instagram and your blog and I found very interesting and useful articles in there. Thirdly, I wanted to ask that when exactly did you start following the routine of cleaning your kids mouth. I am a new mother and was curious to know this for my 5 month old son.

    PS: I share my nickname (Naina) with your daughter.

    Nivedita (Naina) 🙂

    1. Hey Nivedita…I would rather say Naina here 🙂
      My mother-in-law used to clean her tongue everyday from the very beginning. There are a lot of types of tongue cleaners available online. For her gums, I never used toothbrush on her gums but rather we used to press her gums to give them better shape and this also soothes gum itching as babies feel itchiness in this teething phase. Let me know if I can help in any other way.

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