Own ur Own Time

Rain Ripples

A lot of stuff happening at the same time?
List of pending tasks piling up?
I know exactly how it feels! 🙂

I am a working woman, a daughter, a wife, a daughter-in-law, and a mom too. So, yes I can relate to your “busy” schedule very well. Wanna know why did I emphasis on the word “busy”? Because that’s what we term our lives to be… Exhausting! Busy!

Here’s my way to handle an exhausting schedule…

That’s the thumb rule! Before committing to anything, just for that one second…ask yourself “Is it really my priority??”. It works…it really does! Planning your weekend? Again, “PRIORITIZE”. As a famous author quoted “If you don’t prioritize your life, someone else will.”

Learn to say NO
Follow your daily essential routine but whenever you find a “not so important” stuff cluttering your calendar, please don’t hesitate in saying NO to it. It may not feel so good in the moment but it’s the key to a happy life.

You are not a superhero!
Yes, my dear, you are undoubtedly the best in what you are doing! But please accept the fact that “You are NOT a SUPERHERO”. There’s nothing wrong if you cannot do something, we are humans…and this isn’t something unacceptable!

Me first
One happy person can cheer up a 100 more…that’s the power of your smile! Stay happy…enjoy your life… No matter how busy schedule you have, try and spare out at least an hour for yourself and see the difference!

Online shopping
Now, this is something I really really acknowledge. Don’t bother running for those little things…shop online and the delivery boy does it for you! Be it baby diapers… be it cooking essentials… or any other needed stuff. You get unlimited options, great discounts, and HOME DELIVERY (best part). *I personally use Amazon for it*

Try them and do let me know if it made a difference to your life…

Keep smiling guys! It’s Friday tomorrow 😉

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  1. Nicely done . (y) 🙂

  2. Yes… Too perfect… It really give immense support and strength…

  3. Superrrbbbbb.. 😊

  4. Perfect

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