Pregnancy Facts VS Myths

Pregnancy comes with a lot of advice and with these advice, enters myths and superstitions. As most of them are from well experienced ladies, including our parents and grandparents, it is not even easy to deny straight-out. We understand the dilemma when you cannot take any risks and end up believing everything – including myths. So, we thought of making situations easy for you to decide and act wisely.

Dealing with pregnancy stress becomes even harder when myths start popping in from almost everywhere. Though every pregnancy is different, these myths stay as constant as facts in the world. Let’s connect these two open ended strings to find out few of them.

“Don’t eat papaya! You are pregnant!”

Why Papaya? It’s basically because of the latex in raw papaya that may cause some hormonal changes leading to contractions in the uterus. So, yes you should avoid eating papaya in the first trimester but this does not stand true for complete pregnancy. With your doctor’s advice, you can take papaya in small quantities during your second and third trimester. Bottom line: It’s a fact but with minor alterations to it.

“Your unattended craving can make your baby drool”

Craving is expected and regular during pregnancy. Old wives say it’s the baby’s demand controlling your taste buds during pregnancy. And if you don’t eat what the baby is demanding, the baby will drool once he/she is brought to the real world. Now, this is not scientifically true as babies drool because of teething and not because you didn’t eat what the baby demanded. But, we know some new mothers who experienced this myth to stay true. It may be a superstition but unavoidably experience-based fact too. Needless to say, what’s the harm in eating whatever you want. Pregnancy is the only time when you can eat and get as fat as you can. No questions asked! 😀

“Use this oil to get no stretch marks”

Stretch marks are common concern during pregnancy and the concern becomes even more severe after birth. They are permanent in nature and can be reduced by taking some preventive measures. But, no matter how much cautious you are and no matter what oil or ointment you use, there isn’t anything that can help you get completely rid of them. There are many products in the market to claim no stretch marks solution, but the truth is – you are going to get stretch marks basis to your skin type – some get less and some more prominent. So, all you can do is just try to keep your skin as hydrated and moisturized as possible. Using any oil or ointment may make them less prominent but will not completely remove them. Accept it!

One of the very effective remedy is that just avoid itching no matter how itchy you feel on your bump. Though not scientifically acknowledged, this stands true based on real mom experiences.

“Your thoughts give impact on your child”

90% of new moms agree to this. Stay calm, laugh as much as possible, and be a good listener if you want an happy kid. Your baby can listen you and can feel all your emotions during pregnancy. If you stay moody, shout and yell at people, or get irritated every now and then, you are screwing up your little one’s basic nature. Your little one has already started observing your actions and reactions, so stay happy from inside; so that your baby knows a happy world is waiting for him/her.

Our strong recommendation is to start meditation and yoga from early pregnancy days to stay healthy and get good control over your mood throughout pregnancy. Stay positive and always think about the best that you want to inculcate in your kid and start doing the same.

“Waxing may be harmful”

When you are pregnant, there’s extra blood flowing in your skin along with consistent hormonal changes that you may or may not be able to feel. So, you’ve got to stay conscious for your extra sensitive skin but as far as the baby is concerned, waxing should cause not problem to your baby. Something we are quoting from personal experience.

At Nainay, we are constantly getting in touch with more and more mothers to give you experience-based information.

We’ll be more than happy to get such experiences from other lovely mothers. Please share them by commenting below and let the world know about them.

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