Prepare your body for breastfeed

Your growing size during pregnancy is a clear indication of your body preparing itself for breastfeed. It is said that the milk ducts and cells start developing from the first trimester. Yes, you can start preparing yourself well in advance to be able to breastfeed your newborn from the very first day. Though full-scale milk production mostly begins 48 hours post delivery.

In my last month of pregnancy, I remember my mom-in-law and my mom instructing me to wash my nipples with hot (bearable) water in order to open up closed pores, if any. I don’t know if that really helped or not but I didn’t have to face any issue when Naina latched on for the first time and even later for that instance. I’ve heard women using scrubs and massage oils but would never recommend anything I haven’t tried!

Lemme know in the comment section below if anyone of you tried any scrub or oil massage during pregnancy.

When I was expecting, I always thought I need to learn more about breastfeeding and attending special sessions during pregnancy is a must (If you don’t know about it, ask your gynae and she’ll guide you to the upcoming sessions). But my dear young lady, most hospitals have a lactation consultant who visits you immediately after you get shifted to your ward/room. These experts help you hold the baby in best comfortable position and provide all the help you need. So, sessions aren’t a mandatory check.

Next is a tip from my grandma again, try drinking as much milk as you can while you breastfeed your baby. She said this takes more milk to the milk producing cells and thus increases the supply. Haha though I never agreed to her but used to have milk for her happiness.

Myth: Your breast size defines the amount of milk you can feed. NO! The size does not define your milk production capacity. Lol doesn’t “milk production capacity” sound like I’m talking about a factory? Mommy factory it is!

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  1. Nivedita Bhat says: Reply

    Hey again :). I wish I had followed your blog when I was pregnant and had taken these measures earlier. Right now I breastfeed and also formula feed my 5 month old baby. This makes me so sad that I have to give him formula milk as well. On the very third day after we were home, my son didn’t pee the entire day so our doctor suggested to feed him more formula milk. And then later because of problems like I couldn’t sit properly because of episiotomy and cracked nipples we continued giving him formula milk. Initially we were using katori chamach for formula milk but later we started the feeding bottle (I so regret doing this). Though I can say that I have increased the milk production a lot from earlier 2 months post delivery, but do you think that using a breast milk pump (manual one) will help me to feed my kid with breast milk exclusively.

    Appreciate your response.

    PS: I so agree with your grandma. Drinking lots of water and milk really helped me to increase my milk production and reduce the quantity of formula bottles given to my son.

    1. Hey Nivedita,
      Thanks for stopping by and reading our blogs. Please don’t feel guilty *though, mom guilt starts the moment we give birth :)* Personally, I feel milk is a necessity and the medium whether through bottle or spoon shouldn’t matter. If you are bottle feeding, just remember to change the nipple frequently and the bottle whenever you feel it’s getting old. My mother used to bottle feed me when I 5. I know that’s an eyebrow raiser but it’s true and I have a good immunity system…I don’t have bulged out lips…I wasn’t and am not a physically weak person. Milk is the key to it. Even for you postpartum recovery, stay regular with your milk intake. Hope this help! Stay connected, dear!

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