Pregnancy Guide | Stress-free pregnancy?

Your baby’s brain starts developing at a very early stage of pregnancy and your stress level can affect this development. Being a new mom, I’ve experienced all those mood swings and know how difficult it becomes when you are under the stress of staying stress-free.

Pregnant or not, who doesn’t want a stress-free life? But, when you have to stay cautious while walking, talking, eating, sleeping, and doing anything in the world…how can you expect a person to be completely stress-free and happy as if nothing happened. Yes, of course…nothing happened. It’s just some extra kilograms, it’s just that you feel very hungry every few hours…but you cannot eat enough of doctor’s recommended food. You pee every few minutes and don’t know what’s the best sleep posture. That’s it!

Everyone asks your expected date, unknown people stop by to give advice, and on top of everything happening…your baby’s gender seems to become the talk of the town. Been through…I understand it all lady…Welcome to the motherhood world! As I always say, we wish but we don’t have any super powers and thus, cannot control such disturbing elements on the planet. So, here are two quick tips you can try to stay happy and “stress-free”

No no…not like every other person am I going to advice you to eat just healthy food but rather would say EAT but keep your medicine handy to prevent nausea and vomiting (I used to carry ondem 4 everywhere). Trust me guys, your condition cannot be worst than mine…I know everyone says that but that’s what my first trimester was like. But then I still used to eat whatever I like because that helped me stay happy. Have you ever seen a poor, hungry, lean person happy?? Eat more to stay strong!

For times when you just cannot control your anger for some irritating creatures around, close your eyes…take a deep breath…and without saying $#%%#@ smile and find a lonely place where you can chant OM (in your mind if you can’t be loud). It really works!!!

Above all, feel good and happy and fortunate because you’ve been gifted the greatest happiness of this world..You are going to be a mother…you’ll be giving birth to a new you…a new life. There are people out there who want to but for some reason cannot become parents. You are very lucky and trust me no one other than you yourself know what’s best for your baby…for now and forever.

Trust your motherly instinct!





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