Relationship goals after having kids

Don’t judge me!

I think “I made some wrong choices.”
I wonder “Have I married the wrong person?”
When I say “I don’t feel the way I used to feel for my husband anymore.”

Because there’s this one moment when every new mom feels so. But none of us discuss it. We don’t even speak out such feelings to our own inner self…discussion is another level! We feel it at times and then pretend to be fine. And that’s the real problem.

I wish I had someone to explain me why in the world is this happening with me and what should I do now.

Why didn’t anyone explain us how to nurture our relationship in the pregnancy sessions explaining how to nurture the little one.

After being a mom and being friends with other moms, I now understand why people think of separation after years of marriage and after having kids. Most of them being love marriages.

If you are in the same phase of life where the attraction and spark in your relationship doesn’t seem to be existing anymore then the following lines are for you and your husband to read. This is something I wish someone gave us to read before we became parents

Dear new dad,

Stay prepared as your life is going to change. The lady who was once a daughter is soon going to become a mother.

A mother who will not be able to give you attention as she does now. Stay prepared to give her some good family time after your work time.
A mother who will not be able to look as dressed up as she is now, might not get time to wash her face and may end up yelling at you out of frustration. Stay prepared to hug her and tell her that she is beautiful and will always be.
A mother who will have to give up her career growth for the family. Stay prepared to tell her that she is your better half and you are proud of her.

You promised to grow old with her and accepted her for who she is. She may stink of milk but she can smell it herself, don’t remind her of it. Remember the love, care, and respect she has given you as it will soon be spilled over to your child. Stay calm and stay prepared as your life is going to change.

Dear new mom,

Don’t forget to be a wife when you get busy being a mother. You married this man for some reason and God supported you because you’re decision and choice was absolutely correct. You trusted him and you both MUTUALLY decided to become a family.

You promised him that you will always love him for who he was and still is. Accept the fact that he will remain the same person who needs your attention. Nothing is one-sided, neither love nor hatred. 

Motherhood is tiring and frustrating, we all know it but pay extra attention to your tone when you speak to him as you may be saying the same thing that you used to say before but in a different way!

Always remember the day when you first met and cherish those memories often. He loves you and might be waiting for your loving gestures…just the way it used to happen years ago. 

Don’t forget to smile everyday and start like it’s your first day!

Parenthood is a beautiful yet challenging journey and if you don’t agree…You are not yet a full-time parent!

You are a parent, don’t run for perfection as you’ll end-up falling flat!

Comment below if you could relate to it or you can also email me at [email protected] to share experiences and similar issues personally!

Take Care!

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