How and why are silver utensils so important for babies?

“Their baby is born with a silver spoon!” Why was this statement used for the wealthiest families in the past. Well, that was past! Today, we can afford silver utensils (if not for ourselves then atleast for our babies, we probably can!).

Need a proven reason to opt for silverware, I’ll give you five…

  • Non-toxic
    Yes, silver is non-“poisonous” for babies. As most of us know, plastic ware may or may not be BPA free. For those of you who don’t know… BPA is bisphenol A, a chemical that is used to make plastic bottles and food storage container. Though, most baby product companies claim their products to be BPA-free, we cannot be sure. But, we can certainly rely on silverware to be non-toxic!
  • Bacteria free
    Silver’s unique property of preventing bacteria cells from building up, gives us another reason to choose silverware over any other plastic utensil. Silver nanoparticles act as an effective tool for killing disease-causing bacteria.
  • Easy to clean
    If you get fed up sterilizing those plastic utensils every time, silver utensils are made for you! You can clean them using your routine utensil cleaning method and you are good to go!
  • Immunity booster
    Anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties of silver protects you baby from many severe diseases and thus, helps them build better immunity.
  • Keeps food fresh
    Evidences from ancient India prove the fact that silver coins were added to milk and water to keep it fresh for longer duration. This may also be because people in that era knew the cooling properties of silver and used this as an added advantage (they din’t have refrigerators!). Bottom line…it kills germs, bacteria, and virus in the food, and therefore, using silver food containers and utensils is the best option!

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Happy parenting!

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