Starting bedtime stories

Babies learn a lot from their surroundings…a lot more than what we parents even pay attention to.

From our facial expressions to the way we speak…babies observe everything we do and try to grasp all they probably can. That’s the reason I considered reading bedtime stories to her.

Reading aloud a good bedtime story will not only help your kid fall asleep but will also help you get distracted from daily work stress. Who doesn’t want to get into that fantasy world of fairies and superheroes? haha

Reading to your little ones will also help them understand basics…for example, how to hold a book, how to read with different voice tones, and  discovering new words. Though she (my little one) is very young for discovering new words but being 18 months old, I know she observes those little acts of holding a book, pen, or the left-to-right reading.

If your kid is older than mine, you can even make this time interesting by asking them questions on how they feel about a particular situation. Trust me, this will make your bond stronger and will also allow you some time to instill those moral values you always wanted in your kid (best time as we hardly have any time).

Pay special attention to the way you narrate the story. Facial expressions have a special power over everyone…those little humans too. Friendly and happy faces make us feel warm…don’t they?

Make this reading fun time and I’m sure you and your little one will love it!

You’ll thank me for this one!

As I’ve just started, would love to get suggestions (please leave comments below) on some good storybooks.

Happy reading!

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