Teething – Symptoms and Remedies by Real Moms

Teething is painful for the baby and stressful for new parents. Though teething symptoms vary widely, teething discomfort is common in babies. It is one of the most challenging phases of parenting and practically, you cannot do much to prevent the teething pain but can only alleviate it to some extent.

When to expect the first tooth?

Usually, babies show up their first tooth when they are 4-7 months old, but you should not compare. There are rare cases where some babies start teething when they are not even 4 months and on the other hand, there are babies who make their parents wait for 10-12 months and then show their first tooth. Every kid is different and so is the teething time.

What to expect when your baby is teething?

Though, some parents claim smooth and unnoticeable teething phase, *we are still searching for such claimers!* in most cases, babies get uncomfortable and fall sick during this phase.

Few commonly acknowledged teething symptoms include:


Drooling can be considered as the most commonly noticed teething symptoms in babies. They are too young to completely control and swallow the excess saliva that gets produced during teething.

Swollen gums

You can definitely see and feel the difference in the gums while cleaning your baby’s mouth during bath time. You may even be able to see the little white tooth emerging from the gum.

Trying to bite everything

The itching is real and so is the urge to bite anything that can help. If your baby is grabbing everything just to bite it then your baby is more certainly teething.

Discomfort while sleeping

If you’ve ever got some teeth treatment done then you should be able to relate. Teething can cause headache and your baby may get fussy during bedtime. It is tough time for you and your baby.

Unable to eat regular diet

Swollen gums might make eating difficult for the little one.

What can you do to make the situation better?

Teething is a natural process and there’s very little that you can do to make this phase easier for your baby. Your love and calmness can definitely do wonders.

Here are few actions that have been suggested by parents:

Bib to keep your baby dry

Use a bib to wipe off the excess saliva and keep changing it to maintain hygiene. Damp cloth can make the baby feel more irritated.

Sterilize toys

As the baby is trying to put everything and anything in his/her mouth, make sure you keep your little one’s toys and everything near him/her clean and if possible, sterilized.

Head massage

Tried and tested by real moms. Head massage can help them get some relief from teething headache. You’ve got to try it and if your baby instantly closes his/her eyes, understand that you’ve got it right. Try to distract and give lots of hugs and kisses to your baby to calm him/her down.

Diet should not be compromised

Prepare liquid food that can be gulped directly without chewing. Try spoon feeding in place of bottle feeding as nipples can also cause irritation and pain in the swollen gums.

Use hone gum

You can use your finger to rub the itchy gums of your baby. Try putting some honey over to make it softer.

Easy grip teether

This is going to be an investment as it really helps. Teether is just the initial days when you can to make the baby understand it’s actual usage!

Babies cannot speak but parents do listen and understand. Teething can lead to sleepless tiring nights…stay calm and try to make the situation better for your kid.

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