How to treat constipation in babies?

Constipation can turn a happy baby into an irritable cranky baby. Constipation is not only when the baby does not have bowel movements but also when your baby passes hard and dry stool. We may or may not notice but in such cases, the baby tries to pass stool several times…but suffer from severe pain and at times, the stool even has blood stains.

Breastfed babies may poop once every 3-4 days but still not get constipated. So how do we parents know whether our baby is really constipated?
It’s easy! If your baby can comfortably poop and the stool is soft enough, it is NOT constipation.

Studies say that a formula-fed baby may poop 3-4 times a day in his first 6 weeks; continued with once a day routine.

Treating constipation the right way requires us to understand the reason to our baby’s condition.

Your baby is being exclusively breastfed and still gets constipated?

Milk-protein allergy or intolerance may lead to constipation. If you are exclusively breastfeeding your baby, try to avoid dairy products and add more fresh fruit juices to your diet instead. Eat more of green veggies and if you really cannot live without milk…you can even try Amul’s lactose-free milk.

Also, you should talk to your doctor in such cases to get a test done for your baby. He/she may be lactose intolerant.

Have you recently introduced solids to your 6 month + baby and seen some irregularity?

Constipation is very rarely seen in babies who are exclusively breastfed. Weaning may cause constipation as the little digestive system needs time to adjust. Make sure you give enough amount of water to your baby after every meal… Be it even a snacky break!

Avoid giving rice cereal, banana, and applejuice as they might lead to constipation.

Your baby takes enough of healthy food and water but still passes hard stool?

Try prune juice. Mix 1/2 tbsp of prune juice in equal quantity of water and give it once a day. You can adjust the quantity gradually to suit your baby. Don’t give a lot on day 1 as it may lead to diarrhea.

Also try introducing P-foods to include Prune, Pear, Peach and Papaya in your baby’s diet.

Have you recently introduced formula milk/cow milk?

Yes, cow milk may cause constipation and you may be required to switch to other packet milk or lactose -free milk. Talk to your doctor about it and change the formula milk brand.

Tried juices, fruits, veggies, and all other home remedies and none of them worked?

There are a whole lot of laxatives and stool softeners available in the market. Though none of them can be tried without doctor’s advice and I would never recommend to use any. I tried “Muout”, which was told to be the safest but again…these work only till the time you give it to your baby.

In extreme painful cases, take your baby to the doctor and ask for an infant glycerin suppository. These are small capsules of glycerin that are induced inside to soften the stool and help baby poop easily. Remember, these are for extreme rare cases…but don’t cause any harm to the baby (the process is not painful).

Hope this article helped you guys. Let me know if it did!

A quick tip –  Always give whole fruit to your baby rather than fruit juice. Prefer fruit over juice for a fibre-rich diet.

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