Trimming Baby’s Nails – Attach Magnifying Glass to Baby Nail Clipper

Baby’s nails grow really very fast and you might need to trim them even twice a week. This time, it’s the best baby nail clipper for new mums.

Ok, so before getting into the nail clipper thing… I would like to take you through some questions that came to my mind while trimming those very tiny little nails for the first time…

Best time to trim baby’s nails?
When they are off to sleep after taking bath. That’s because the nails get a bit softer also because babies tend to sleep for a longer duration at that time.

Find a place with good light so that you can see those tiny nails very clearly. Natural daylight is the best!

Need someone’s assistance?
Not really. You can very easily trim your baby’s nails on your own. Just be confident 😛 and take up this parenthood experience! If it’s your first time, you can probably ask your partner to stay with you for the time.

Is it important to trim them completely?
Don’t trim too close to the skin…you can use baby emery board to file those hard edges in the initial days in case you are scared to use anything sharp on those little fingers. If by any chance you see some blood coming out there, don’t take it as a guilt it can happen as baby’s skin is very soft …just clean it with a tissue paper and it will get normal very soon.

Best baby nail clipper?
I use Mee Mee baby nail clipper which comes with a magnifying glass so that I can see through to cut those sharp left overs. The magnifying glass does great help to new moms as we are not that experienced!


Every time you trim your baby’s nails, remember to separate those little fingers and hold them very firmly as you may hurt the baby otherwise.

You can get the nail clipper at

Happy parenting guys!



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  1. Very nice n helpful….

  2. Yes, really helpful.. it’s hard to cut baby nails and we often feel very confused that How to trim nails without really hurting baby.. this nailcutter really helps in it as it gives a broad view of the nails and u can easily trim them.

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