Types of Sippy Cups for Babies

There are certains things no one tells us…like when should we introduce water and sippy cups to our baby? What’s better sippy cup or straw cup?

This is a very personal choice. We introduced a sippy cup to Naina when she was 7 months old but you can start anytime after 6 months. We switched to a straw cup when she was 9 months old. Here’s the story how and why?

How to choose one?

I had no clue in the beginning about the “types of sippy cups”. So, here’s more info on the two types I found common.

“No spill Sippy Cup from Mee Mee”

I started with this one as the shop keeper said this is what most parents buy for a 6 month old. *So not true*

Now, let’s talk about the usability of such sippy cups…


  • These are very easy to suck (minimal pressure required) and have three holes to allow easy and more water flow.
  • As you can see in the picture, it has a cover to protect from dust and air germs.
  • You “can” use the internal lock to avoid spills.
  • Easy to clean and sterilize. You don’t need any special brush to clean this one.


  • When you first time use such an easy-to-flow sipper for a six month old, you have to stay very cautious on the amount of water that is coming out and control the same to how much of it can the baby handle in one sip.
  • Six month old baby may not be able to hold the sipper on her own so the handles are for us and not the little one.
  • The reason why I quoted “can” in the 3rd point above is because the sipper is NOT spill proof if you don’t put the internal lock on. Now, the internal lock looks like this:And it blocks the water from coming out and that means, you have to unlock it every time your baby asks for water. Now, imagine yourself on a day-out with your baby, your baby asks for a sip of water…you open the sipper and use your hands (not always clean) to remove the lock making the water dirty (remember your hands are not always 100% clean when you are outside).


“Straw Cup from Philips Avent”

So, you now know my pain area with the first sippy cup, which made me switch to the straw cup from Philips Avent. Like their feeding bottles, I’m just in love with their straw cup as well.


  • It’s spill-proof in real. Babies tend to drink water and just throw the cup away.
  • Baby can hold it very easily and drink water on her own.
  • You can sterilize it easily.


  • Difficult to clean the straw. Need special straw cleaner for it.
  • Greater suction pressure is needed. Though Naina found it better than sippy cup.

Wanna know if it was easy to introduce?

Nothing is like “super easy to introduce” when it comes to babies…they have their own choices and I am a picky one’s mom. So, I took her to this fancy shop and showed her many color options. This way they don’t disown things later.

Please add in comments if you used some other type of sippy which was different and better…

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Happy parenting!

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  1. Dip the spout into breast milk or formula before giving it to your baby. Another approach is to put a bottle nipple (without the bottle) in her mouth and after she starts sucking, replace it with the sippy spout. Some parents have even had success simply substituting the sippy cup for the bottle.

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