What’s “Tummy Time” all about?

It’s not about meal time…it’s “Tummy time”. Something that helps your baby practice for important milestones like rolling over and sitting up straight. It is beneficial in boosting your baby’s gross motor skills, involving large groups of muscles used to sit, stand, walk, run, keep balance, or change positions.

Now, what exactly is tummy time all about? It’s the time when your baby lies on his tummy starting without and then gradually putting some weight on his forearms. This “not so difficult” practice helps build head, neck, and shoulder muscles of the baby. Needless to say, tummy time is for babies who are awake and being watched.

Some say, parents can and should start trying this tummy time routine as early as possible *the baby must be healthy enough to enjoy the exercise*. Initially, it could be for 1-2 minutes, twice or thrice a day. You can very cautiously then increase the duration depending on your baby’s comfort.

Apart from this, as babies spend a lot of time on their back with their head in one position, it can cause flat spots on the back of his head. Tummy time helps prevent this. And so, it is also advised to make your baby sleep on their backs and play on their fronts.

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