White patches on baby’s skin – Not always milk spots!

Noticing white spots on your baby’s skin? Here’s the medication that worked for my kido!

I agree, we all want our kids to stay healthy and that includes their skin too. But unfortunately things don’t always go in the right direction. My kido got these white spots all over her neck area.

I visited a pediatrician and he said it could be fungal (milk spots) and recommended “Nadibact Plus” to be applied for around 20 days. He also mentioned that if this ointment doesn’t work, I’ll have to visit a dermatologist.

After 20 days, the spots looked more prominent and people started questioning me. I was more worried than anyone else on this earth. I visited my dermatologist  (clinic details below) and he asked me to stop giving her any packed food, which included Lactogen too. He asked me to apply Pacroma, Eumosone-M, and Loceryl on the affected area along with other skin fold areas. And it worked wonders! All those marks visibly got reduced and now she does not have any white spots anywhere!
(*My dermatologist also recommended “A to Z syrup” for her but she didn’t like it’s taste; so, I just gave her 1 dose of it*)

Hope this information helps. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to start applying any ointment and any other medicine without consulting a doctor.

I would love to know your experience…Please leave your comments below!

Happy parenting! 🙂

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