Winter Care | 5 ways to be a winter ready MOM

Dear Mommies…its a high alert!

While saying goodbye to the hot humid weather, stay ready to welcome a new challenge…It’s WINTERS!

Are you still wondering if it’s cold enough to get started on swaddling and over-layering your little one? Take my word…It is. Babies tend to fall ill very easily and this changing weather may act as an aggravating factor.

So, are you ready for it girl?

Be winter ready before it’s too late. Don’t wait for that frigid temperature to take call. Here are 5 things that you need to take care of….Put them to action right away!

Invest in some good pullovers and pajamas
Keep your baby covered. Now, this is basic (I agree) but we always find people who *think* it’s not so cold and take their baby out for a walk in a summer dress. It’s high time to make this very worthwhile investment and go shopping (if your baby doesn’t fit into the existing ones)

Cap OR socks
Now this one is an old wives’ tale, your baby stays protected from cold until covered either on head or toe. So, if your baby annoys you by taking that cap off the very second you make it fit in perfectly, don’t worry and get her some good warm socks to be her protection shield.

Temperature control
Make sure you don’t take your baby out of that cozy blanket just the second she wakes up. Would you ever like someone doing that to you?? I guess NO. Same is the case with them. Babies are not so good in maintaining their body temperature, especially infants. So, stay cautious when you are taking your baby out from a room or just stepping into your chilling car. Hug them more frequently to share your warmth with your baby *it’s just the best feeling ever*.

Bath Stopwatch
Babies love playing with water but this changing weather has to be different for them. Take a note to not let them be in water for more than 10 minutes and make sure the room is warm enough while you dress them up. Keep everything ready before undressing your baby.

Needless to say… breastfeeding boosts their immunity and makes them stronger from inside. Babies are prone to get ill very quickly and develop infections. As soon as your body gets exposed to such infections through your baby, it tends to produce antibodies that get transferred to your milk and then further to the baby. So, breastfeed as much as you can!

Hope you guys had fun reading these simple but essential winter tips! Let me know of your thoughts on these ways and your winter care tips in the comments section below.

Happy Winters!

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