Winter Care | Baby Massage Routine

Should I continue my baby’s massage routine during winters?

Can long massage sessions cause cold?

Should I change my baby’s massage oil?

Motherhood takes you to a world full of questions… you get so much advised, so many tips and tricks… just remember, ultimately you should be the one to decide what’s good and what’s not!

Not massaging your baby just because it’s cold outside is no option!  There’s extra care needed but go ahead with it. Massage will your baby stronger and like all humans, leave him/her feeling relaxed.

Here are some baby massage fixins for you…

Remember to setup your baby’s massage session in the warmest corner at your place. It may be near a packed window with good sunshine to help your baby take a sunbath alongside (make sure there’s no slit for wind to pass by). If it’s very cold, warm up your hands before touching your baby. You can even warm up the massage oil; just make sure you don’t heat it up too much and test it’s temperature carefully on own skin before trying it on your little one’s.

Let’s now consider massage oil options. A lot of people switch from coconut oil, which is commonly used in summers (believed to be cooling), to mustard oil in winters as it is believed to be warming baby’s skin. But, there are a lot of other well-known factors about mustard oil that should be considered.

Though it is the most commonly used massage oil in India and shares very few documented side effects, mustard oil can damage the protective layer of your baby’s skin making it more prone to dryness and irritation. So, if your baby has sensitive skin, you should consider other natural oils.

You can consider using natural almond oil (Patanjali or Dabur Badam Rogan) enriched with the goodness of almonds for that needed warmth. Almond oil is said to be good not only for baby’s skin but also, their nervous system. Also, if you are concerned about his/her hair growth then a good 2-5 minute head massage with almond oil is all you need for your baby.

If you find badam rogans to be an expensive deal then you can even try Figaro Olive Oil. Olive oil is a good alternative to opt for. It is known to be good for sensitive skin and helps build stronger bones as well. *I personally use badam ragon for my little one’s head massage and olive oil for body.*

Being a new mom is not easy and so, is coping with the changing season.

So, here’s the “Winter Care” section on Nainay to help you solve if not all then atleast most of your baby care queries this winter!

Keep an eye…there’s more to come!

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