Winter Care | Don’t Overdress – It can be harmful

Winters are not easy for new moms (nothing is!) as it’s difficult to understand how many layers of warm wears to put over. But, it’s just +1.

If you don’t know it…here’s the thumb rule for you! Just one layer more than yours. If you are comfortable in a sweatshirt just add a regular sweater to her sweatshirt…nothing more than that.

Stay careful not to overdress your baby as it may lead to more sweat and ultimately cause dehydration. Babies tend to have a little higher body temperature when compared to one of an adult (typically 1-2 degree).

No matter how cold it is, make sure you give your baby enough liquids to keep her well hydrated (try make it lukewarm, if needed).

Sweat not only causes dehydration but also, makes your baby feel uncomfortable. Imagine yourself wearing 6-7 layers of warmers and then asked to sit in a sweltering room. You’ll end up feeling suffocated and irritated. It’s the same with you kid. Don’t make them feel uncomfortable just because you *think* it’s too cold for her.

If you overdress your baby, the body temperature adjusts for the warmth and whenever you then take your little one out in cold…they are more prone to get ill due to the sudden temperature switch. Imagine yourself sweating and then suddenly someone takes you out in such cold weather. *Even you’ll fall sick*

Hope this will help you the next time you get confused on dressing up your baby.

Happy parenting!

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