Working Mom Guilt | Should I quit my job?

Looking at any mom who’s going for work, you can never understand how guilty she might be feeling. Yes, I’m guilty of not being an ideal mom (as my mom was), guilty of not being able to spend hours with my toddler, guilty of coming back home late and so tired that I cannot spend more than an hour playing with my kid. I’m sure you can understand all of this if you are a MOM. A GUILTY MOM!!!

That feeling when your baby starts crying and hugs you tight while you get ready for work. That feeling when you close the door but wish to open back and spend your entire day cuddling with her.

To be honest, that guilt even made me consider quitting my job and becoming a stay at home mom. But then, is this a practical solution to my guilt. Certainly, even if I keep the financial independence aside, this can even take a toll on my physical and mental health…leaving me irritable, lethargic, and even more. Then another guilt phase of yelling at my little one will start.

That said, I thought of considering some positive aspects…I wouldn’t term them “motivational” but yes, this helped me continue my job and minimize my mom guilt. Yes, I’m an imperfect mom but my love for my little one is as perfect as it could be.

  1. Quality
    Rather than spending an entire day with Naina… I now concentrate on spending quality time with her. It may be just an hour in the morning and evening but that hour is just about us and our fun activities….making sure that I don’t have my phone (distracting element) around.
  2. Split
    As you cannot attend and neither do you schedule two meetings for the same time slot, you cannot play with your kid and cook at the same time. Either get a cook or ask your partner to take care of your baby while you prepare dinner.
  3. All rounders
    You may be a good manager at work but plagued by a constantly out-of-control wardrobe. Likewise, it’s ok if you are finding it difficult to handle some phases of motherhood. No one is perfect in everything. There’s no point wasting your time in trying to do something you simply cannot rather than concentrating on something only you can do best.
  4. Practice telepathy
    It’s ok if your baby hates baths and you don’t understand the reason. Take a deep breath and say it to yourself “I’m developing my telepathy skills”. Kidding! Most babies cry during their bath time so yours is no exception.

And always remember … there’s always a beautiful next day waiting dear mommy. We love our kids like no one else in this world and that’s what makes our bond so special. Embrace your bond…you don’t need to feel that burdened. We are not power puff girls or someone with superpowers…and no one expects us to be perfect (except we ourselves).

Do let me know in the comment section below if you’ve ever felt the same or if you found this useful post in anyway!

PS Yes, I’ve made that sketch!

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  1. So beautifully written… i used to feel the same but now no guilt anymore… thnx fr dese motivational words 😘👍

  2. Neeraj Yadav says: Reply

    Very well said…. Yes no guilt and thanks 💕for motivation.

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